Letting the Fox Guard the Henhouse


Our society has drifted so far into political correctness, we have become fearful of saying anything to—or about anyone. It seems that virtually anything we do or say has the likelihood of offending some other person or group of persons. We now have to carefully choose our words and actions, and tip-toe around sensitive situations in order to keep from hurting the feelings of someone else.

Look at the news: someone is always having to attend “sensitivity training” at work. Look at primetime TV shows: nearly every show now has homosexual couples regularly in the programming. Look at TV advertising: more and more advertisers are depicting homosexual couples in their ads. The world has gone crazy catering to the few, while telling the majority to shut up and go sit in a corner.

What’s the problem with this situation? In order to protect the few who have different and obscure opinions and beliefs, we are suppressing the thoughts, actions, and beliefs of the majority of people in our society. If this pattern continues, the beliefs of the majority will be destroyed—simply because we are trying not to offend the beliefs of the minority.

We are willfully allowing the fox to guard the henhouse.


About larryjtate

Author Larry J Tate, began writing short articles, primarily for his own enjoyment, and eventually turned to book writing. Larry's desire is to encourage others to listen to their innermost yearnings to know God.
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