America’s Crosswalks are Racist

Just when we think that Political Correctness had gone as far as it can possibly go, it goes a little further. Right now, BYU is taking Political Correctness to a whole other level. Some pin-headed student has determined that Crosswalk signals are racist in nature and must be changed so as not to offend those who are of minority status.

Racism in Crosswalk signals? You must be kidding. I wish I was. Think about it for a minute. Virtually every crosswalk signal you’ve ever seen is a silhouette of a white man. Now, is that racist or not? A nation that celebrates cultural and racial diversity should not be sending such a racial message on nearly every street corner. Instead, according to this thoughtful and caring student, we should take a stand and support all races and genders of people who must cross the street. This particular student is quick to disclose that she has friends of other races, and her heart goes out to them every time they cross the street.

So, what is her suggested solution to this problem? Simple. Create crosswalk signals depicting every possible tribe, race and gender. Rather than having one of those racist white men shown on the signal, we should have Black men, Asian men, American Indian men, and any other men who might possibly need to cross the street. Oh, that brings up another problem. Women deserve just as much recognition as men, so why are those evil crosswalk signals depicting only men?

Realizing it was not being considerate to all races and genders, BYU has decided to come to the rescue of all the world’s oppressed minorities. Starting with recognizing Black people first, the university ran into its first problem. With a black background, a black stick figure just didn’t seem to stand out. So, they had to invert the colors, making the background white and the stick figure black.

Providing women with their share of equal representation really gives a headache to the politically correct crowd. Have you ever noticed the stick figures that grace our public restrooms? Have you noticed that the figures for women are always wearing a skirt? My, my, that must really offend those women libbers. How is it that in these modern days, women are not women unless they are wearing a skirt? Something’s got to be done about that, but what? We’ll just have to leave that problem to those sensitive and creative minds in the politically correct crowd.

I have many concerns over this goofy trend, but for now I’ll just mention one. I can just imagine the next time I come up to a crosswalk. When it’s time for me to cross the street, hundreds of stick figure lights will illuminate all at once. Unless I’m wearing some very dark sunglasses, I’m likely to be struck with instant blindness. Rather than walking directly across the street, I’m likely to end up wandering in circles in the middle of the street. While honoring every tribe, race and gender on planet earth, I’ll probably get run over and killed by a big Mac truck.

About larryjtate

Author Larry J Tate, began writing short articles, primarily for his own enjoyment, and eventually turned to book writing. Larry's desire is to encourage others to listen to their innermost yearnings to know God.
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