How many friends does Israel have left?

It comes as no surprise to hear that many of the countries in the Middle East are not fond of Israel. What may surprise you is to hear that the European Union is also closing the door on friendship with Israel.

Early in 2010, the European Foreign Ministers created a document which calls for Israel to divide Jerusalem, thereby permitting the Palestinians to claim East Jerusalem as their capital city. Sweden, which holds the European Union presidency, presented the document to its members.

There’s just one problem with this suggestion: Israel considers the City of Jerusalem to be its indivisible capital. Nevertheless, Europe which supports an official Palestinian state is moving forward with this recommendation. Furthermore, the EU document states that it does not recognize any changes to the pre-1967 borders, especially in regard to Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem.

Although Europe has deep Christian roots, it is becoming more and more sympathetic to Islam-related issues. Why is that? Perhaps it is due to their stepped-up immersion in political correctness during recent years. As Muslims migrate into Europe, Christians are being pressured to be tolerant and sensitive to Muslim traditions, while at the same time, suppressing their own traditions and cultures. “But that is Europe,” you might say. “At least the United States is still supporting Israel.” Perhaps so, but look at the trends here in this country. At every turn, we are also being pressured to accept and even promote the Muslim way of life. If this trend continues, we too, may someday call for Israel to give up that which God has given them.

It’s time for all American Christians to become aware of what’s going on in Israel. How can you do this? Go beyond the typical news you get from TV and the local newspaper. Search out the news. Get on the Internet. Search for Israeli newspapers and other world news sources. Join CUFI (Christians United For Israel). Jesus expects his followers to be activists for him.

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About larryjtate

Author Larry J Tate, began writing short articles, primarily for his own enjoyment, and eventually turned to book writing. Larry's desire is to encourage others to listen to their innermost yearnings to know God.
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